Learn Infant Massage

Baby Massage
Infant Massage
Benefits of Infant Massage
Learn Infant Massage
Learn safe & effective infant massage techniques by gaining certification with Mels Massage.

-Reduce crying time.

-Improves sleep and regulates sleep patterns.

-Ideal for pre-term infants.

-Enhances emotion and improves mood.

-Improves wind, colic, reflux and constipation

-Relieves sinus and chest congestion.

-Boost immune system.

-Enhances coordination.

-Early diagnosis of potential health issues.

One Hour Introductory Session ($120 per person)

Just looking for the basics to learn how to massage your baby at home? An introductory session will teach you how to recognise your baby's signals in regards to when they do and don't want massage, about appropriate oils for infant and childhood massage and a basic stroke routine.

These sessions were developed for parents who would like to know the basics of baby massage to get started.

4 Hour Session - Parenting Course - $300

Parent classes usually run over a four-week period, one session per week, with each class lasting for approximately 1-hour.

Group Classes Available
( Minimum 10 People)
$40per person (1.5 Hour Introductory)


Baby massage has been increasing in popularity for many years now. An increasing number of parents want to learn infant massage having heard about the benefits it can provide.