Should I do anything before my appointment?


There are several things you can do before your massage appointment to make sure you get the maximum benefit from your massage. First, try to be relaxed. We know you're looking for a mostly relaxing experience, and the best way to take advantage of what we can offer you is to put yourself in a relaxed frame of mind.


Get a good night's sleep before (if you can) and avoid caffeine.


It is also helpful if you make a list of what's bothering you. If there are specific problem areas, write down where they are, what the pain feels like, if specific actions cause it to worsen or feel better and other contextual information. Start making the list a few days in advance; it's easy to forget what's been bothering you if it's not hurting at the moment.


We require a bit of space for our equipment and room for us to manoeuvre around the table easily. We recommend an area of 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters long in a communal area within the house/work place. 


Wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be easily washed if it gets a bit oily from thr massage oil/cream residue on your skin.


What should I expect when you/I arrive?



We aim to arrive within 5 minutes of your appointment start time. (Traffic can be a little unpredictable sometimes). This allows us time to setup the table to maximise treatment time for you. We bring all the equipment we need with us, table, towels and oils/creams. During this time you will be assessed by us and we will discuss the treatment options.


Please take a seat in the waiting room and one of our therapists will call you when we are ready.


Do I have to take off all my clothes?


No, you do not need to take off all your clothes. Underwear must be worn at all times during your massage. The amount of clothing worn will depend on the areas being treated during your appointment, if we are treating your upper body, only the top half of your clothing will need to be removed. You will also be draped with a towel, exposing only the area of the body we are treating at the time.


What should I expect during my massage?


After your initial conversation, your therapist will step out for a few minutes to let you disrobe.  Lie down on the table and cover up with the towels.


At this point, your therapist will apply balm or oil to your skin and begin working. The first few minutes will be exploratory, feeling around for knots and tender or painful spots. Don't hesitate to give feedback.


Trigger point massage or deep tissue massage isn't exactly the kind of bodywork that you'll fall asleep for. It might hurt, and it's important to keep a bit of a dialog going with your therapist and speak up if something hurts too much or doesn't feel right. Your therapist won't be offended if you say, "Hey, that's too much pressure," but we need to know so we can adjust.


Try to breathe deeply and steadily. It's beneficial to breathe through any pain or pressure, as it helps your muscles stay loose and release tension.

The hands on component of our treatment is the length of the appointment minus the initial and post assessments (about 10 minutes)


What happens when we're finished?


Our therapist will leave the room. You might want to lie still on the table for a few minutes to allow your body to adjust and let go of any tension that's remaining.


Just so you know, massage oil that's on your skin can soak into your clothes, so it's good to wear a t-shirt that can be soaked or washed easily.


Get dressed and call out to us when you're ready.

Our therapist or administration team will then take Payment, Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Eftpos or Cash. The therapist will then complete clinical notes for the treatment. (This will take about 5 Minutes) Our book keeper will then send your receipt within the next 24 hours, be sure to check your spam folder as sometimes they end up there.


Is there anything I need to do after my massage?


Drink plenty of water and don't do anything intense for a day or so (that includes cardio activity, lifting weights, playing sports, things like that).


You might feel slightly nauseous; this is normal.


If you've had more intense trigger point work done, you will probably feel a little sore the next day. Again, that's very normal, but you should take it easy until the soreness has mostly abated. Your muscles may have been stretched and worked in ways they never have before, and they'll need a little time to recover.


Your therapist may also give you some homework to do in terms of stretches or exercises to complement the treatment they have done, these will help to reduce any remaining soreness and improve your mobility.


What if I'm happy with my massage?

We love to hear from happy clients, and always pass on any feedback to our therapists from their massage treatments. They work really hard and are passionate about making people happy so it always makes them feel good to know they made someone smile

What if I'm not happy with my massage?


Please let us know. We welcome all feedback and go out of our way to ensure our clients are happy.

You can contact us at admin@melsmassage.com.au or if you prefer the owner, Mel at mel@melsmassage.com.au


Can I cancel the Appointment?


We understand that sometimes things need to change. Mels Massage cancellation policy is that if more than 36 hours notice is given you will not be charged for your massage service


If you cancel with less than 36 hours notice a cancellation fee of $50 may apply for each massage booked depending on the circumstance. 


Any no shows or cancellations with less than 4 hours notice may be billed at the full service cost accordingly depending on the circumstance.