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Why is Homecare/Homework important after my massage?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

By Carrie Kearns

You may have heard your Mels Massage therapist talk to you about homecare or homework after your massage. This is an important part of your treatment, as your therapist will probably have a treatment plan that will include several sessions that doesn’t just end after the 60 mins is up. Your Mels Massage therapist may have discussed with you where they feel they can help and what sort of treatments techniques and other possible exercises or stretches and what the benefits of these are.

Some techniques used by the therapist will require some self-care from you to ensure they have the maximum effectiveness possible. For example, while receiving trigger point therapy, your therapist will ask you to apply heat to the treated area (usually in the form of a heat pack) as well as give you a stretch for the particular muscle or area. These instructions are to ensure the muscle fibres realign properly during the recovery of the muscle as well as making sure that the toxins that were released along with the trigger point are flushed away adequately.

Some common home care instructions will be to drink plenty of water. Drinking water is an important thing to do anyway, however drinking water after your massage will help to rehydrate your muscles and also help flush any excess toxins from your system that the massage has released.

Another is to stretch after a deep tissue massage. This can help to ensure that the muscle fibres realign correctly and can help reduce muscle soreness and increase recovery time.

Your therapist may ask you to not do any strenuous activities like heavy training or going to the gym or doing any heavy lifting, etc. These sort of activities after a deep tissue massage can have a negative effect on the work done and cause your muscles to go back to the way they were or in some cases cause injury.

You may also be given exercises to compliment your treatment, your therapist will explain why they believe the certain exercise will be of benefit to you particular situation and will most definitely be there to maximise the results.

If you have any questions regarding your Homecare, please talk to your Mels Massage Therapist.