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Why your joints hurt when the weather changes?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

By Cristina Perez Bermejo

The weather is changing and we all know someone that can tell you the weather forecast because their pain has already started.

There is no significant evidence yet to explain this phenomenon, but one of the leading theories is the change of the barometric pressure is affecting the joints.

Figure 1. Joints pain 1

In each joint capsule there liquid called synovial fluid, the principal role of this fluid is to reduce the friction between the articular cartilage during movement.

When there is a notable weather change there is an atmospheric pressure change. We refer to it as good weather when there is high pressure system and bad weather when there is a low pressure system.2

How can a Mels Massage Therapist help you?

- Manual Therapy: it helps to reduce the swelling in the joint, massaging the soft tissues surrounding the area.

- Joint Mobilization: to aid in increasing the range of motion

- Cold therapy: it would constrict blood vessels after application and would reduce the inflammation. Our therapists would instruct you on how to use this technique.

- Exercise: helps to reduce stress levels as well as treat and prevent pain.

- Kinesio Taping: it can be used to reduce the swelling and inflammation in the joints.