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Massage and exercise, reach your goals faster

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

By Mark Kelly

The effects of massage post workout have been researched over decades and some of the benefits are listed below. Your Mels Massage therapists are always happy to be a part of your training and recovery program!

Enhanced post-workout recovery

A professional, therapeutic massage by one of our qualified Mels Massage therapists helps to loosen muscles and remove toxins after an intense workout, which will reduce the time needed to recover better and faster than you would without a treatment. This means the possibility of more frequent workouts and quicker more noticeable results from your workouts.

Reduction of DOM’s - sore muscles

Your muscles, if you are pushing your body hard enough, can really ache after your workout. Massaging and stretching them can help return the muscle fibers to their neutral position, flush out toxins and get your blood flowing optimally again

Help your muscles work better by restoring fascia

During exercise more than just your muscles are worked. The connective fibers under the your skin and wrapped around the muscles known as your fascia are also put under immense strain. Your fascia can get clogged up/twisted up with repeated exercise, making it hard for muscles to slide past each other easily as intended. Myofascial release massage helps by loosening up those fibers so the muscles are doing what they're supposed to with much less effort.

Massage can increase flexibility

From the age of around 12 the human body starts to loose flexibility, exercise and frequent strain on muscles further reduces your flexibility, unless you regularly stretch or massage them back to a more neutral position.