How often should I be massaged?

Updated: Feb 4

Many clients ask how often should they be getting a massage and some even ask if there is there such a thing as too much massage?

Well, the answer to both questions is you should get massage when you need massage. For some clients, a weekly massage is ideal, while for others a fortnightly or even monthly massage satisfies their requirements.

Elite athletes or injured clients may even need a massage two to three times a week to ensure they are at their peak for their next competition, or are able to return to their normal exercise programs more quickly.

Too much, too little, too late!

Effective massage therapy is very much about servicing the body’s needs. The problem is sometimes we are not that good about giving the body what it needs.

We are very busy people. We have to manage work times, families, our sporting interests and sometimes organising the time for a massage can just be too hard.

It’s often easier to put other things, duties and chores, ahead of getting a massage because we feel the massage is not important as the deadline we are working to, that chore that has to be done, or that other appointment we have to make.

This can cause to do too much before getting a massage. We can get massaged to little, infrequent