Remedial Massage

Mobile Remedial Massage
Incorporating different techniques, remedial massage by Mels Massage is a treatment that is tailored to suit the individual needs of each client. Remedial massage will help to release endorphins into the body, helping to relieve muscle tension and flush the body of metabolic waste. Remedial massage can also help to increase range of movement that may have been decreased due to injury, inflammation, muscle tension or muscle strain, this can be done by incorporating a range of stretch and release techniques
What to expect during your Remedial Massage Session:

When providing a remedial massage there are a few procedures that we must follow. Our therapists must do an initial physical assessment of the patient’s body to identify the areas that need treating. This gives our therapists a starting point and also allows for both the patient and the therapist to measure the progress and effectiveness of the treatments that are being provided. This is also a requirement for the health funds - in order to qualify as a remedial massage.

The initial assessment will take 5-10 minutes, then the treatment will move onto the hands on component of the appointment. There will also be a post hands-on assessment of the patient to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment, this will take roughly 5 minutes. This is done to give an indication of what needs to be treated during any subsequent sessions. During the assessment phases of the appointment, your therapist will take notes and ask you to move through a series tests and movements, Homework may also be given at this time.

Mels Massage recommends a 90 Minute appointment for all Remedial Massage Sessions.